The next morning I woke up feeling back to myself

“The next morning I woke up feeling back to myself”

Two weeks ago I woke up feeling very ill. Every muscle in my body ached and I was running a fever.
I had just given birth to my son less than a month earlier.  I realized as I tried to nurse him that morning, that I may have mastitis. I made an appointment to see me Doctor (MD) for later that afternoon.
At my appointment I made a request to avoid antibiotic treatment if possible. My Dr is very conservative and prescribes medication only when necessary. I expressed my concerns that when I had used antibiotics previously while nursing, I ended up getting a yeast infection and it caused my nursing baby to develop thrush.  Both of those problems were more painful and harder to recover from then the initial problem requiring the antibiotic.
He assessed me and determined that my mastitis was too bad to go without antibiotic treatment. He apologized and made it clear to me that if I went without the treatment at this point, the mastitis could abscess.
Before I filled my prescription,  I contacted Shannon Cox. I had done energy sessions with her before and experienced amazing results. But in the past my sessions involved mostly help with emotional wounds. However, with the kind of results I had from those sessions and knowing Shannon Cox and her reputation, I contacted her to see if an energy session would work for my physical problem.
She said she would try her best and we did an energy session.  She found many negative energies as well as underlying imbalances which were preventing me from fighting the bacterial infection on my own. I actually felt slightly better immediately after our session. A couple hours later the redness and inflammation in my right breast was significantly better. At that point I decided to continue to wait just until the next day to fill my RX. I wanted to see if anything more would come from my energy session before I started the antibiotic. The next morning I woke up feeling back to myself with absolutely no redness or inflammation! My husband, who is a health care provider, asked how I was feeling and remarked that the antibiotic must have worked fast. Before I could tell him I had not taken any yet, he continued to tell me to take the full ten day course even though I felt better. Right then I realized how fortunate I was to have negative energy released so my body could be strong enough to heal itself. Otherwise I would be taking an antibiotic for ten full days and likely reaping the negative aftermath from it!
I then told my husband that I had received help from Shannon Cox instead. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised. My husband has always been purely a believer of western medicine only. After seeing my results and witnessing that I had in fact been healed, made him very excited. He has now had energy session done with Shannon Cox on several occasions and is over joyed at the outcome each time.
I have had Shannon help my children with various ailments and can’t believe the results every time.
I, in the past, have always been skeptical of anything other then western medicine treatments. I am grateful to have discovered that there are additional amazing tools at our disposal to help us with our physical and emotional needs, not just traditional doctors and medication.  I see great relevance in both!
–Megan T., Idaho USA