I’ve gained a deeper understanding of who I am

I’ve done energy healing sessions with Shannon Cox since she began doing energy work several years ago. What has been fascinating for me to see is not only the natural gift and intuitive ability she has had for this kind of work from the start, but I’ve been able to see how, like with anything one practices, her talent and skill has grown. I’ve seen the journey unfold as she’s gained insight, enlightenment, and understanding in how to best facilitate our bodies wishes to be healed and whole.

Since I have been lucky enough to have had sessions with her for several years now, I’ve had a broad array of experiences. I’ve had sessions to release trapped emotions that might interfere with impending child births, sessions to release trapped emotions inhibiting physical healing to take place in my body (notably my back and feet), and many sessions to rid myself of emotional baggage (including the eradication of a heart wall). However, what energy work has most notably provided for me has been a spiritual renewal. In some way difficult to explain, my own journey through this healing process has caused my soul to expand and grow. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of who I am as a person and of how experiences and interactions influence me. In turn this has caused me to have a greater awareness of the energies I send out into the world and my ability to lift myself and others.
For me, these past few years of energy work have been deeply spiritual and uplifting and have convinced me of things eternal about myself. And yet, for those who are not drawn to this type of experience, I can only share this profound certainty: your experience with energy healing will be the experience you need it to be. The very heart of this work seems to revolve around things your body and soul want to part with and be rid of, and the healing an inner you knows it needs to receive. One thing I appreciate about working with Shannon is her profound appreciation and respect for this aspect of her work. She never pushes or cajoles things out. Consequently, I have always felt as if the things I have learned about myself and the emotions I have released have been the very things I most needed at that moment. It’s been an indescribably uplifting and beautiful experience for me. An experience that has shaped and molded my existence into something much greater than it previously was.
Nancy H., Utah