“I have a better marriage, and a better life”

My name is Rachel, and I’m 27 years old. I have been sick with chronic illnesses since I was 14, and unfortunately they continue to worsen each year. That’s when I found energy work. I had sustained severe traumas throughout my life, and being in pain constantly felt like I was waging a war within myself.

With energy work it started out slow, my body had to be ready to let go of the feelings, memories, and pain that was standing in my way. Finally it started to understand what my Certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner was doing, and then my body took off! It was ready to release and get rid of the hurt, the anger, the sadness, and the pain that was causing this war inside myself. I was able to figure out when my body needed work. I was also taught some basic things I could do at home to help me with my healing journey.

I do my sessions over the phone because I live across the nation from my practitioner. It hasn’t been a problem at all, I just needed to trust myself to let go.  My practitioner also took my religious beliefs as I discussed them and was able to explain things to me that made sense on a spiritual level. I find this to be key in the success I’ve had.

I feel my success is a team effort, it is amazing to have someone believe in you, be empathetic to all things blocking your way, and determined to help you overcome. I still have chronic illness, and I always will, but being able to heal from the other traumas in my life, and being able to accept my body the way it is, has been a huge success and triumph for me. I use the tools I have learned to help me listen to my body, and I know that if I need help, my practitioner is always ready and willing to help.

My successes include regaining confidence in myself, helped me come to terms with my illnesses, and being able to trust again. I have a better marriage, and a better life. These things are huge to me and life changing. You may be skeptical, but if you try and let you body do it’s best, you won’t be disappointed. You can reach your goals, and you can have a better life.

Rachel S., Arizona