Who Am I?

SarahphotoI am a wife, mother, friend, confidant, and all around fixer.  Many years ago I realized that others didn’t feel things the same way I did.  I am the one on the elevator that asks how you are and you accidentally tell me how you REALLY are.  I started Massage Therapy (waaay back in the last decade) and realized soo many of the physical ailments my clients were experiencing could be attributed to specific emotional issues.  I took time to learn about The Emotion Code and The Body Code and realized how intricate emotions are tied to our physical wellbeing.  I became a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code Practitioner.

I am an incredibly happy married mother of 6 beautiful children. We have 2 sweet cats named Jo and Nikki.   I love to be outside in nature and I really enjoy working out and sweating hard!  I love energy work and the freedom it has given myself and my family from emotional baggage that has led to physical and emotional pain.  I am excited to begin a journey with you.

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